Vascular Laser Treatment

Vascular lasers are used to target and remove unwanted or abnormal blood vessels in the skin. The laser is targeted, meaning it focuses on the areas which require treatment while leaving the surrounding healthy skin untouched. The treatment eliminates red lesions quickly, safely and comfortably and does not interrupt your social or work life.


Here at Babyskin, we use the Vascular laser to treat the following common skin conditions:
Facial and leg telangiectasia | Rosacea | Spider and cherry angiomas
Acne scars | Traumatic scars | Surgical scars | Portwine stains
Haemangiomas | Angiokeratomas | Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia

Is anyone suitable for vascular laser treatment?

Vascular laser treatment is recommended for anyone with red vascular lesions on any area of the body, especially on the legs, where they can cause more discomfort. However, it is also suitable for facial lesions (facial telangiectasias, facial erythema, cherry angioma, venous lakes, etc.).

In some cases, treatment using a vascular laser may not be suitable for you. These will be fully discussed during your consultation where alternative treatments may be offered. These include:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • Have an active infection in the area which requires treatment;
  • Are taking certain medications that cause sensitivity to light.


How to prepare for it

No special preparation is necessary for vascular laser treatment, but it is important that the skin is not burned, as the laser applies heat to the skin.


Post-treatment care

The specialist will normally recommend using an anti-inflammatory cream to reduce pain or discomfort after vascular laser treatment. Some people also need to wear compression stockings after treatment on the legs. The most important thing is to avoid sun exposure and very warm places that would increase the body temperature significantly.