What is Hydradermabrasion?

Hydradermabrasion is a cutting-edge, medical-grade procedure that employs non-invasive water and serums to exfoliate and hydrate the skin simultaneously. Emerging as a modern variation of microdermabrasion, this minimally invasive treatment is gaining popularity among individuals seeking to attain flawless, radiant skin.

One of the primary advantages of hydradermabrasion over traditional microdermabrasion lies in its reduced invasiveness. In conventional microdermabrasion, microcrystals or diamond particles are used to buff and exfoliate the outermost layer of skin, which can be uncomfortable for individuals with sensitive or dry skin. It may even lead to undesirable effects such as skin tenderness or redness.

Hydradermabrasion, on the other hand, offers a gentler alternative. Thanks to its hydration component, patients can sidestep post-treatment issues like redness, dryness, or skin tenderness often associated with traditional microdermabrasion. This gentler approach makes it suitable for all skin types, spanning from Type I to Type VI, including those with dry or mature skin.


Hydrodermabrasion is effective in:
Smoothing and hydrating skin
Improved appearance of fine lines
Refining pores
Boosting glow and radiance
Improving skin texture and tone

How does hydradermabrasion machine work?

Hydradermabrasion is performed by a hydra dermabrasion machine. These devices use a 3 step process to give you glowing, radiant skin.

  • Step 1


    Gentle exfoliation is done with the device’s applicator which opens pores and removes dead skin cells, helping brand new skin resurface.

  • Step 2


    Deep cleaning suction along with deeply penetrating active ingredients is used to loosen and extract dirt and debris from deep within the skin, leaving it clean and optimal for effective solution absorption.

  • Step 3


    The suction simultaneously infuses an antioxidant rich solution into the skin with anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties promoting elasticity and hydration and preventing post-procedure redness or dryness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DermaClear?

3-in-1 advanced Hydradermabrasion platform:
Extract, Cleanse & Hydrate with a unique 360° rotating tip and powerful suction.
Skin purifying anti-pollution treatment at its Best!
DermaClear is an outstanding standalone treatment, as well as a must-have pre-treatment solution used to prepare skin for various skin rejuvenation treatments. It also offers amazing results as a pre-treatment for a diverse range of skin procedures. This is undoubtedly the most effective platform available on the market today.

How often should I get the treatment?

The patient will see great results after the first session. We encourage the patients to undergo a Hydradermabrasion treatments as regular maintenance, and highly reccomend a treatment every 3-4 weeks.

Can DermaClear be used on the body?

Yes, DermaClear can be used on the chest and back.