If you struggle with removing unwanted hair by shaving or tweezing,  you’re not alone. It is difficult and is a hassle to keep up with shaving.  But hair removal doesn’t need to be so challenging.  We’ve mastered the process of laser hair removal and stand behind it as one of the best ways to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Choose a small, medium, or large area to be smooth and hair free.

Laser Hair Removal Small Area

Chin | Cheeks | Upper lip | Ears | Sideburns | Unibrow

Laser Hair Removal Medium Area

Bikini line or Brazilian (Bikini line is two inches beyond bikini line. For extended bikini area, please select a LARGE area package.) | Front or back neck | Chin and Upper lip | Fingers | Underarms

Laser Hair Removal Large Area

Extended bikini area | Full Brazilian bikini area* | Lower back | Chest | Lower legs (Below knee / above ankle) | Shoulders | Stomach

*Women only.

How does Laser Hair Removal Works?

Hair growth takes place in three phases but laser hair removal is only effective during one, the Anagen phase.


The melanin present in hair follicles during the Anagen phase helps the follicles attract heat from the laser effectively.


The beam of light from the laser is absorbed by the hair follicle in the form of heat, weakening it to the point of inactivity after a few treatments.


Since not all hairs will be in the Anagen phase at the same time, 6-12 sessions are necessary to adequately remove hair from the target area.


After 6-12 sessions 4-12 weeks apart, more than 80% of follicles will no longer produce hair, with the remaining follicles producing hair that is much lighter and finer.